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Before winter begins everyone should to get their vehicle(s) checked out. Nobody wants their vehicle to break down while it’s snowing or when it’s really cold. Wheelchair accessible vans and other vehicles with adaptive mobility equipment always need to have a safety and maintenance completed before winter hits.

A Safety and Maintenance Inspection includes:

  • Cleaning and adjusting the lift or ramp
  • Checking all wire connections
  • Checking the battery connection
  • Checking the charge of the battery
  • Checking all fluid levels
  • Lubricate and grease all moving parts such as the roll stop, vertical arms, hand rails, etc
  • Perform a visual inspection for safe operation
  • Check with manufacturers for any product recalls
  • Additionally, other mobility equipment such as hand controls and seat bases will also be inspected

Why take the chance of being stranded in poor weather? An inspection takes less than 1 hour and could save you hours of trouble.Get your vehicle checked out before it’s too late!

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