Wheelchair Van Rental Michigan

Wheelchair Van Rentals Michigan

Advantage Mobility Outfitters provides quality wheelchair van rentals to those needing accessible transportation in Wayne, Michigan and surrounding areas. We want to ensure that each one of our clients has the proper transportation whether or not you area running errands durring the afternoon or you are going on a vacation with your family.

Why Choose Advantage Mobility Outfitters For Van Rentals

Is a wheelchair van right for you? Renting allows you to compare different vehicles and helps you make an informed decision before purchasing. When you’re ready to buy, we always have a large selection of high-quality, impeccably serviced pre-owned vans for sale, as well as new vans from the three major manufacturers: Chrysler, Honda and Toyota.

Even if you are not ready to buy, Advantage Mobility Outfitters rental program provides a low cost alternative to expensive medical transportation or the stress of getting your loved one in a non-accessible vehicle. We specialize in both short and long-term rentals.

Rental Van Available Features

Always confirm the features, options and mobility equipment you would like is available. Not all wheelchair rental vans are equipped with all the features listed.

Automatic Fold Out Ramp
Power Kneel System
Removable Passenger Seat
Q-Straint Tie-Downs
Keychain Remote Control
BraunAbility Conversions
Reserve A Van

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Rental Van Rates

Daily Rate (1-7) $85 Per Day
Daily Rate (7+) $75 Per Day

Mileage: Anything over the included 100 miles per rental will be charged at $.25 per mile. Delivery Options: Call for details. After hours/Weekend Pickup/Delivery Charges differ for the airports-contact us for charges.