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Your Wheelchair Accessible SUV

If you’re one of the 3.1 million Americans in a wheelchair, you have options for getting around. Wheelchair vehicles no longer mean you’re stuck with a mini-van, too.

The days of wheelchair accessible vehicles limited to “Big Bertha” 15 passenger vans and mini-vans are over. The newest thing in mobility for people with disability is an SUV conversion.

And now that Ford actually makes an SUV for people with disabilities, we can outfit it with your favorite accessories.

Yes, you read that right… Ford now makes the MXV, and it’s absolutely ready for everything you need to get you down on the road and on to your destiny.

Can I Really Fit Everything I Need in an SUV?

…Including a Wheelchair Lift?

When you build a whole new SUV for the express purpose of making it wheelchair accessible, you can fit a wheelchair lift for SUV in your SUV. And you can fit scooter lifts, and turn seating as well.

Here’s the other awesome thing about outfitting this specific SUV with our equipment: you can drive it from your wheelchair. What other vehicle allows you to drive it without ever leaving your wheelchair?

If you’re looking for space, an SUV is going to be your best bet. A wheelchair accessible SUV is going to have at least 55-inches of usable side door opening height.

The interior height can be up to 58 inches and even an inch taller in the driver and passenger bay. That is more than enough room for you to slip inside and be comfortable while driving.

What Can You Put In My Wheelchair Accessible SUV?

We’re glad you asked! And when it comes to your wheelchair lift for SUV, we have options that will delight.

We recommend that you consider either the Curb-Sider or the Big-Lifter for your as your scooter lift for SUV.

The Curb-Sider is a sling specifically designed to pick up your wheelchair or scooter from the side of the road, swivel it around to the back and place it inside.

It carries up to 400 lbs of weight and will store your wheelchair or scooter with little effort on your part.

This lift doesn’t have to be installed on the back of your vehicle. If you already have a wheelchair accessible SUV, you might want this mounted on the side of your truck.

The Big-Lifter is the more affordable option in our lineup.

This doesn’t mean it’s less of beast than the Curb-Sider. It still lifts just as much weight, the only real difference is that it requires a manual push to pivot the chair into the vehicle.

Not only can we put lifts into your SUV, but we can do special power chairs to get you in and out of the SUV. Even if you don’t need your SUV to be wheelchair accessible, you might still need a lift to get in.

If you’re looking to buy or rent an adaptive mobility vehicle, let the expert consultants at Advantage Mobility explain all of your options. We can help match your needs with the best equipment and finance options, including state assistance programs.


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