What To Do In Westland, MI

Located in Wayne County, Westland Michigan is the 10th largest city in Michigan. With a population of 84,094 as of 2015, Westland is a popular location for professionals commuting to Detroit. The city is also a top location for families and young professionals who are new to the Detroit Metro.

The area now known as Westland had several other names prior to 1966 when the township was renamed the City of Westland. The township was first called Bucklin, was renamed Nankin Township and then ultimately became known as Westland.

Originally used as hunting ground for Native American tribes, the British and the French ultimately fought for control of the land. This area became part of the Northwest Territory in 1783, after the Treaty of Paris and in 1807 was sold as part of the Treaty of Detroit. Early settlers first began passing through during the early part of the 19th century. Settlement began closer to 1824 with Bucklin Township being organized in 1827. This township included the cities now known as Wayne, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Livonia, Garden City, Inkster and Redford Township. Bucklin was then divided into Lima and Richland Townships as a result of an act of the Michigan Territorial Legislature on October 20, 1829.

Due to a naming conflict with postal regulations Lima was soon re-named Nankin Township after the Chinese city Nanking. Richland became Pekin Township, named after Peking but ultimately became Redford Township in 1833. Livonia Township was split off from Nankin in 1835 and Wayne was incorporated as a village in 1869 with 1960 ushering in the village of Wayne’s incorporation into a city. In 1927 Garden City was incorporated into a village and in 1933 became a city. The village of Inkster was incorporated in 1926 and became a city in 1964.

During the 1960’s, Nankin became known as the world’s largest township boasting a population of 70,000 residents. A large shopping center was planned in an area of Nankin in the early 1960’s. As a result, the city of Livonia expressed interest in annexing that portion of Nankin . The shopping center opened in 1965 and in May of 1966 the residents of Nankin voted to change the rest of township to the City of Westland, in response to Livonia’s initial annex attempts.

Today the City of Westland has three initiatives that are central to daily life; improving the health and wellness of residents (“Passport to a Healthy City”), becoming a more compassionate city (“Compassionate City”) and creating an environmentally stable city (“The Westland Mission: Green!”). These programs have served to shine a spotlight on Westland and have gained Westland the reputation as one of the most progressive communities to be found throughout the state of Michigan.

Our mini-guide to Westland below will help you discover more about this city dedicated to history, wellness, compassion and sustainability.

Our Favorite Things to Do in Westland

Our mini-guide to Westland will help you discover more about this delightful community. Explore some of our favorite places, or let us know yours!

Arts & Culture

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Family Fun

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Food & Drink

Dining Out in Westland

Westland is known for having a laid-back and casual feel. Many of our restaurants are family owned and operated and pay homage to simpler times with warm atmosphere and no frills dining options.

Outdoor Activities

Attractions and Activities

Westland is a city that cares about preserving both its history and natural resources. You can take in the beauty and intrigue of historic Westland through not-to-be-missed tours and nature walks that explore the past and the present-day.