What To Do In Livonia, MI

A large suburb of Detroit, Livonia is located in Wayne County and, as of 2015, has a population of 96,942. Part of Metro Detroit, the city of Livonia is made up of traditional neighborhoods which are connected to the metro by freeways.

Livonia Township was first settled in March of 1835 with the first settlers largely hailing from New York and New England, with settlers from both Estonia and Latvia also following suit. The name of the township, Livonia, was chosen as a way to pay homage to Livonia, NY, Livonia Pennsylvania and Livonia which was a region of the Baltic Sea in present-day Latvia and Estonia. In May of 1950, Livonia was incorporated into a city as way to gain tax revenue from the Detroit Race Course (DRC). Although the DRC closed in 1998, it was formerly Michigan’s only thoroughbred horse race track.

During the first century after settlement, residents of Livonia grew grains and vegetables and raised dairy cattle and sheep. Although initial growth in the area was slow, roads soon emerged out of the dirt roads and hard surfaced highways were then built. The first major step toward commerce and industry came in 1948 when General Motors built an automatic transmission plant. Ford was soon to follow with their Ford Motor Company parts depot.

A proud recipient of numerous recognition’s, Livonia has been named one of the 50 Safest Cities in Michigan, been recognized as a Michigan Green Community and been given a nod as a Sustainable Community. Historic preservation has allowed the city to retain much of the original heritage. With over 1800 acres acquired and developed, there is now plenty of open space and park land to be found in Livonia. Combining both the historical preservation and the open space concepts is Greenmead Historical Village. Sitting on 103 acres this combination farm and museum showcase’s the history of Livonia and sits at the corner of 8 Mile and Newburgh Roads.

Boasting a strategic location that is second to none in the region, Livonia offers main roads fanning out in every direction and easy access running both east-west (via I-96) and north-south (via I-275). Proclaiming “Families First” as their motto, Livonia maintains hometown atmosphere with strong emphasis on both public service and public safety.

The 10th Happiest Mid-Sized City in the Country (as of 2016), the Second Best Kid Friendly Place in the Nation and the Second Least Economically Stressful City, Livonia is easily one of Michigan’s (if not the country’s) best places to raise a family and own a home. With an array of parks and over 1300 acres of green space, there is no shortage of recreational opportunities in Livonia. Six miles of nature trails, parks in 22 neighborhoods provide numerous places for people to gather for outdoor activities and picnics. In Livonia you can also find several major shopping centers and a state-of-the –art Community Recreation Center. A thriving cultural environment, Livonia celebrates and embraces music and the arts. There is also an annual birthday celebration in Livonia called Spree which is a 6 day carnival located at Ford Field.

Our mini-guide to Livonia, below, will help you discover more about this Happiest Mid-Sized City!

Our Favorite Things to Do in Livonia

Our mini-guide to Livonia will help you discover more about this delightful community. Explore some of our favorite places, or let us know yours!

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Dining Out In Livonia

Livonia offers plenty of choices when it comes to dining out. From cafes to bars and restaurants you’ll never run out of options when you’re ready for a bite to eat.

Outdoor Activities

Sightseeing in Livonia

With the second highest number of public parks and nature preserves in the state and a plethora of historical sights to visit, Livonia offers endless opportunities for recreation and fun. Learn about Livonia’s beginnings and explore a little piece of nature with some of our favorite choices listed below