What To Do In Canton, MI

Consistently ranked one of the safest cities in America, Canton is Michigan’s second largest township and eleventh largest community. Located just 8 miles from both Ann Arbor and Detroit, it’s also one of the fastest growing communities in Michigan.

Created by act of the Michigan Territorial Legislature on March 7, 1834, Canton was carved out of a southern portion of Plymouth Township. It was named after a city in China to honor the growing trade relations the US had with China.

Most of the early settlers in the area were from New England, bringing with them a strong belief in education. The first settlers created self-sustaining farms as their main source of income, growing a lot of sweet corn. The area was known as “The Sweet Corn Capital” from the 1950’s to the 1960’s, and the profitable crop was sold at farmer’s markets throughout the region. Canton’s central location made dairy farming an important product, too.

Nine schools were constructed in the early town, making education accessible to children who were walking to school. Four of those original nine schools are still around, and three of them have been named historical sites. The original schools were made of logs and used as social centers for the surrounding areas.

Two small villages, Sheldon Corners and Cherry Hill, were hidden among the farmlands. Sheldon Corners was first settled in 1825 and Cherry Hill was founded in 1828. Both communities became social hubs with creameries selling goods from farmers, social events held at local schools and churches, and bartering trades happening at the general store. Sheldon lost much of its original historic charm with the widening of Michigan Avenue, but a few of the original buildings remain intact, and Cherry Hill boasts new homes and businesses along with pedestrian-friendly streets, paths and sidewalks that connect the entire community.

Today Canton is a diverse city. Close to a variety of colleges and universities, its six community parks, world-class theater, two golf courses, and a state-of-the-art community center make it an ideal location.

Canton’s thoughtful amenities and low crime rate played a part in it being named one of the best places to retire. We love it no matter your age.

Our mini-guide to Canton will help you discover more about this top-rated community.

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Arts & Culture

Soak Up Some Art

Known for its burgeoning arts and culture, Canton has a variety of activities to offer, whether you are traveling with your family or simply traveling. From theater to parks to annual events and festivals there’s plenty to do in Canton, Michigan. These are some of our favorite places to explore!

Family Fun

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Food & Drink

Most Loved Local

Skip the fast food and settle into one of Canton’s best-loved casual dining establishments. Whether you have a hankering for pizza (with a fusion twist!), crave a great burger or want a good sized breakfast served all day you’ll have no problem finding something to satisfy your appetite. Check out some of our favorite casual dining options below.

International Flavors

When it comes time to chow down in the Buckeye State people normally think of the German and Polish heritage with things like kielbasa but Canton actually has a multicultural flare. So when in Canton be sure to partake in some of these local favorites that will leave you feeling like you’ve traveled the globe.

Outdoor Activities

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