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The Two Most Popular Wheelchair Lifts!!

When deciding to purchase a wheelchair lift for a vehicle most folks are hit with many different options. There are numerous manufacturers and models to choose from so we’ve decided to highlight two models that have been popular in our experience. Two vehicle wheelchair lifts that experienced customers tend to purchase repeatedly are Braun’s Millennium Series lift and their UVL Series lift. They’re both great lifts to own and operate; choosing between them is just a matter of individual needs and preferences. Here are some things you should know or may need to know about them:

Millennium Series- This lift is made by BraunAbility. It can be used in the rear or side of a vehicle so it’s a good option if you need a little flexibility in your interior configuration. However, we most typically see these lift being installed in the side position. Everything about this lift is durable. The all metal construction enables a lifting capacity of 800 lbs. In Addition, the wheelchair user can enter the wheelchair lift straight on or in reverse. The floor to ground level is 42”-48”. If there was anything to ever go wrong with it, the Millennium comes with a back up pump so you have the option of manually operating the lift.

UVL Series- This lift is also manufactured by BraunAbility. This lift is unique in that It is mounted underneath the vehicle. It’s an extremely convenient lift to own because it allows unlimited access to your vehicle’s interior. When operating, the up and down are hydraulic. For the in and out cycle it’s electric. There is an easy to use hand control or pendant that operates all of the lift functions. BraunAbility desinged this lift hold up 750 lbs. The UVL can be installed for a rear entry van, but is mainly used for side entry vans. Check with Advantage Mobility to see if it’s a good fit for your vehicle.

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