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Service Dogs Can Help Those In Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Do you need or know anyone that needs a service dog to help get around? A service dog can be any size & is not considered a pet according to the U.S Department of Veterans Affair.

A service dog is good to have if the person:

  • Is blind
  • Has seizures
  • Is in a wheelchair
  • Has anxiety attacks
  • Has a difficult time hearing

The dog will be trained specifically to the person with the disability. Dogs that don’t provide the level of comfort or function to the owner should not qualify for a service dog.

They can:

  • Pull wheelchairs
  • Assist in entering a wheelchair accessible vehicle
  • Help guide people with vision impairment
  • Alert people with impaired hearing
  • Alert & protect with those who have seizures
  • Calm a person down that has an anxiety attack

Service dogs are good for adults and children and most people find it more convenient to have a service dog. It gives them more independence, they can go anywhere with the owner, and it helps them with many tasks.

If you’re in the need of one there is an application that has to be filled out and completed. There are eight steps to the application.

  • Step 1- Fill out application
  • Step 2- Background check
  • Step 3- Telephone interview will be held
  • Step 4- A PGI staff member will come to your house for an inspection
  • Step 5- Your information will be given to Board of Directors to look over
  • Step 6- If everything goes good, you’ll be added to the waiting list
  • Step 7- Attend 25 hours worth of training classes
  • Step 8- Dog will be placed into your house

Overall, a service dog is wonderful to have if they have the proper training. They help you when you need it the most, can travel with you wherever, and keep you company.

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