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Remember Your 6 Month Mobility Maintenance

Mobility Maintenance is Important

It’s very important to keep up with your van and make sure all the maintenance is done on it. There are many mechanical and electrical components that can go bad on a handicap van with mobility equipment if you aren’t taking care of it the right way. It’s easy to push off that scheduled maintenance and to neglect your mobility equipment, but that will only leave you stranded.

Summer is almost here and a lot of people go on vacations or just like being outside on those nice sunny days. You definitely don’t want to get stuck on a vacation or while you’re out in the heat. There are a lot of positive outcomes about keeping up with you van.

  • Save money- Having everything fixed at once can decrease the amount of money you put into your vehicle.
  • • Save time- Putting off maintenance can take away your time. If you break down, there is a chance your vehicle will be in the repair shop for a while. During this time you won’t be able to run errands or get around.

    • Protect yourself- Keeping up with your maintenance doesn’t only save you money and time, but it also protects you from any harm. No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road or in a parking lot with many moving vehicles.

If you don’t have a lift or a ramp but you have other mobility equipment like hand controls, transfer seat base, or Valet Signature seating, it’s always good to have those looked over even if you don’t feel they need to do so.

Advantage Mobility Outfitters recommends all vehicles and mobility equipment receive preventative maintenance every 6 months. It’s a good way to ensure all of the necessary parts are working properly and there are no hidden issues that may cause you to be left stranded.

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