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Is Your Polling Location Handicapped Accessible?

Disabled People Have a Right to Vote Too!

Every Michigan citizen 18 and older has the right to vote in Michigan, disability or not. However, many folks with a disability struggle to cast their ballot due to improper accessibility. For an example, the tables are too high for people in wheelchairs and the lack of ramps at polling locations. Instances like these create an unnecessary challenge to a disabled person leaving people feeling isolated and left out. On many occasions, a person facing a challenge like the ones described above will choose not to vote and will avoid places that are inaccessible. The lack of ramps supplied at the polling places in Michigan is becoming an issue. About 45% of the polling places do not have handicapped accessible ramps.

As written in the South Bend Tribune article, Flint, Michigan began improving their polling places by providing lowered tables and ramps for polling locations in 2012.

Forty-three states have stated they have set accessibility standards for polling places, as indicated in a survey published by the Governmental Accountability Office. This is up from 23 states in 2000. Also, 31 states said that ensuring accessibility is a challenge for them.

As states begin to allocate more funds toward accessibility, more polling locations will become handicap accessible for voters with disabilities. Everyone in the world should be treated equally, feel that they are a part of society, and feel comfortable to vote without a hassle.

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