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Inspired Person Donates Accessible Van

Seemingly, at some point in life everyone goes through an event that will forever change them, whether it is the birth of a child or a severe injury. Harry Weaver is currently experiencing both of these. The father of a two year old son and the husband to his pregnant wife, Mr. Weaver is also facing life altering changing after becoming paralyzed, the unfortunate victim of a shooting outside a Masonic Temple. As most newly injured people, Weaver didn’t know where to turn and couldn’t afford to get the vehicle that met his needs.

Stacey Boyd saw Weaver’s story and quickly became inspired to do all he could. Boyd, a veteran and also in a chair, had an accessible van that hadn’t been used in a year. He decided to give it to Harry Weaver. However, the van needed some repairs that he couldn’t complete himself so he brought it to us, Advantage Mobility Outfitters. When he delivered the van to us and explained the story and his goal to donate it, we quickly decided to do the right thing and repair the mobility equipment at no cost. We inspected the vehicle’s mobility equipment and repaired all of the necessary parts we found damaged or broken. Serra Chevrolet in Southfield also helped by donating their labor and parts to detail the van and tune the engine to run smoothly. We were more than glad to help Mr. Weaver in his time of need. It was for a good cause and made both Mr. Weaver and Mr. Boyd extremely happy.

Check out the video and interview by Robin Shwartz from FOX 2 News.

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