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Advantage Mobility Outfitters to Provide Free Blue Handicap Parking Signs!

During the past several months I’ve come to realize that many things designed to help people with a disability are commonly neglected. We’ve all seen places where the automatic door doesn’t work, the sidewalk is damaged, or the handicap parking space is blocked or the signage is completely faded.

This revelation combined with a brainstorming session with a co-worker led us at Advantage Mobility Outfitters to provide free Blue Handicap Parking Signs to local businesses to help improve their Blue Spaces.

It’s important to create Blue Spaces that not only meet the standard requirements but that are also easy to find, clear of debris such as shopping carts and trash, and have clearly visible signs.

Having new signs that clearly state the space is for those with a handicap license plate may also prevent unauthorized use.

Advantage Mobility wants to put a spotlight on #badbluespaces.

If you see a handicap spot that is in poor shape, has bad lighting, old faded signs, or is blocked by something then snap a photo and post it to our Facebook page at and use #badbluespaces.

We want to improve #badbluespaces so your posts are needed!

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