Will Health Insurance Pay For Your Handicap SUV?

Do you need a handicap accessible vehicle? If so, you probably want to know if health insurance covers all or part of the cost.

Health insurance rarely covers the purchase of a handicap accessible vehicle. But, there are other options for financial help. If you need to modify your current vehicle or buy a new one, keep reading.

This article shows drivers with disabilities how they can buy a handicap SUV, van or sedan.

handicap SUV insurance and financing

Does Insurance Pay for a Handicap SUV Vehicle Conversion?

Let's talk about insurance. Many people ask if car or health insurance pays for vehicle modifications.

Car Insurance

Car insurance for a modified car or van is the same as for a non-modified one. It protects you and your vehicle if you're in an accident. It does not pay for mobility modifications.

While a car insurance policy won't pay for the conversion, it's important to discuss it with your agent. Make sure your policy covers replacement if your car is damaged. Ask your agent about extra coverage not listed on your primary policy. You want enough coverage to replace or repair your handicap modifications.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance seems like a potential source of financial help to modify or buy a handicap SUV or van. Yet, in most cases, a doctor won't prescribe a vehicle as a medical requirement.

Your health insurance will cover a wheelchair, but it won't pay for part or all of your accessible vehicle. Take a look at your health insurance policy. It states whether or not wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment (DME) is covered.

As an example, Medicare (Part B) covers scooters and manual wheelchairs as DME when a doctor prescribes them for everyday use. Power wheelchairs are only covered if they're medically necessary.

Medicare and Medicaid have a list of durable medical equipment that's covered. Modified vehicles aren't on the list. Yet, rules do vary from state to state. It's worth checking.

There are some Medicare grants available. Check with your local program to see if you qualify. Most Medicare grants are funded by non-profit organizations.

If you're not on Medicare or Medicaid, ask your insurance company if there's any help available. If not, try one of the following options.

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Financial Assistance for a Handicap SUV

Financial Assistance for a Handicap SUV

If insurance won't cover the cost, what are your options? Luckily, every state has organizations and programs that help with disability equipment. Let's take a look.

Don't limit yourself to the idea of a new vehicle. Other affordable options include a pre-owned handicap SUV, or converting a vehicle you already own.

To regain your mobility, take a look at the following possibilities.

Veterans Administration

If you or the person you care for is a Veteran, there's a chance you could get help from the Veterans Administration. You may qualify for a significant amount of funding. Contact your local VA office for details on vehicle allowances.

Rebate Programs

All major car manufacturers offer a rebate to make it easier for people with disabilities to modify a vehicle for their individual needs.

The handicap SUV or van you choose determines if there is a rebate available. Many car company mobility rebate programs offer up to $1,000 back.

The following major manufacturers have special programs to help customers cover the cost of installing adaptive equipment for drivers and passengers.

  • Chrysler AutoMobility Program
  • Ford Mobility Motoring Program
  • GM Mobility Reimbursement Program
  • Toyota Mobility Program
  • Honda Customer Mobility Assistance Program
  • Lexus Mobility Program
  • Acura Mobility Program
  • Jaguar Mobility Program
  • Volkswagen Mobility Access Program
  • Mobility by Volvo
  • Rebate programs for handicap vans

    Follow this link to learn more about these car manufacturer mobility programs. These mobility rebate programs can save you thousands of dollars. Please note that each program has specific requirements.

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    Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies

    Your local Vocational Rehabilitation Agency may provide financial assistance toward the purchase of a handicap SUV or van. It will depend on your individual situation. This agency can help with a vehicle and offer support for your vocational goals.

    Non-Profit Organizations

    If you have a medical condition, there may be a national association with local chapters that can help. Some associations have foundations that provide funding through grants. There also are foundations dedicated to people with paralysis and medical conditions.

    Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies and non-profit organizations

    Here are a few organizations that help people with medical conditions find funding to gain mobility.

    • Easter Seals
    • Multiple Sclerosis Society
    • Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)
    • Travis Roy Foundation
    • United Cerebral Palsy
    • United Spinal Association

    State and Federal Programs

    Don't forget to investigate state and federal programs. They can help financially with your conversion or lift purchase.

    A good place to start is the federal Disability Assistance website. There you'll find all programs that offer aid to people with disabilities.

    Investigate your state's assistive technology programs. Some offer financial aid in the form of a low-interest loan. The loan can help you change an existing vehicle or buy a new handicap accessible one.

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    Special Funding for Children

    If you need a handicap SUV because you care for a child, investigate financial assistance sources for children with special needs. One example is the Special Kids Fund.

    Or, you could contact the Center for Parent Training and Information (PTI) Center in your area. Many states serve their families of children with disabilities through the Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC).

    Find out if your state has an organization that gives financial assistance to children with disabilities.

    Conventional Auto Financing

    If you need conventional financing for a handicap SUV or a conversion, Advantage Mobility can help. We use BraunAbility Finance, a company that understands accessible mobility.

    Whether you want to buy new or used, it's easy to apply. Download the Consumer Finance Application on our website. Fill it in and print the form. Once you complete the application, give it to your Mobility Advisor at Advantage Mobility.

    If you have any questions, please ask. Your advisor will help you every step of the way.

    Call the Experts at Advantage Mobility Outfitters

    Want to know more about buying a handicap SUV or wheelchair conversion? Talk to the experts at Advantage Mobility Outfitters.
    We're ready to work with you on any mobility funding. Our staff knows about government assistance programs, veterans’ programs, and state mobility grants. We can collaborate with organizations to help you fund your accessible vehicle.

    Contact Advantage Mobility today. We'll help with a new handicap SUV, pre-owned accessible van, or to convert your current vehicle. We're here to help you regain your freedom on the road!

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