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Handicap Van Repair And Service

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Handicap van repair is the most important thing that requires special maintenance to keep it in good. AAA estimates it costs $0.0781 per mile for maintenance and repairs for your typical minivan or van conversion.

If your van breaks down, how much does it cost you in time and stress?

For people who depend on their handicap accessible van for reliable, day to day transportation, a breakdown is disastrous. A person who needs mobility assistance normally can’t just call a friend or taxi and ask for a ride when their van breaks down!

Find the best handicap van repair and maintenance service now to avoid panic later. Read on for more.

Maintain Now to Avoid Repair Later

Keeping your vehicle in top shape is important to avoid breakdowns. Routine maintenance items like those listed in your vehicle’s owner’s manual as part of the model’s service schedule may be performed at any dealership, independent auto-repair shop or franchise.

The law gives you the right to service your van wherever you like without affecting your warranty coverage. Any professional auto shop with the right diagnostic equipment and basic tools should be able to perform the necessary tasks.

But should you go to the dealer or just any mechanic with your handicap accessible van?

Your specialized mobility equipment has regular maintenance needs too. However, it is unlikely that just any mechanic or shop is qualified to provide handicap van repair. Here at Advantage Mobility Outfitters, located in Wayne, MI, we specialize in accessible vehicle maintenance, repair and even sales of new and previously-owned vehicles.

Handicap Van Maintenance

Lack of routine maintenance is the most frequent cause of downtime in any machinery. In addition to the regular auto maintenance, you have specialized equipment to consider. Staying on top of the small fixes and repairs can save you time and worry in the long run.

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Handicap van repair and maintenance generally takes little time (usually no more than an oil and fluids change!) and is relatively inexpensive. A twice a year check is what most mobility equipment manufacturers recommend.

Without proper maintenance, foreign materials like salt and road dirt can build up in the mechanics or electronic controls of your externally mounted mobility conversion. Worst case scenario? An expensive replacement of equipment that could have been avoided with some cleaning and some grease twice a year.

Sometimes repairs for mobility equipment are unavoidable. Finding a specialized mechanic for your particular vehicle takes some special effort. Depending on the type and age of your equipment, you may need certified technicians for welding, hydraulic lifts, hand controls and more. Our automotive service technicians have been factory trained by the top manufacturers in the mobility industry and can customize your van, minivan, car, or truck to best accommodate your needs.

Handicap Van Repair

Repairs for your auto can range from routine tasks such as a brake job or auto-body repair to complicated service such as overhauling a transmission or diagnosing an electronics-system problem. Of course, an auto dealership is where you want your van repaired if there is a service recall or warranty repair to correct a defect. As an Authorized Dealer of Braunability and Bruno, Advantage Mobility Outfitters serves a radius around Wayne, MI, including Ann Arbor. Handicap van repair has never been easier!

Similarly, you want authorized and certified technicians to repair your mobility equipment. Repair facilities that specialize in your vehicle’s equipment are more likely to have the proper training, equipment, and up-to-date information.

The best of both worlds is when your facility can handle both routine maintenance on your vehicle and the specialized repairs for your handicap accessible van. Our facility boasts more than 11,000 square feet of dedicated space so we can provide you with superior service and expertise.

Watch for Typical Repairs

While mobility equipment manufacturers take all possible precautions to ensure the safety of their users, everyday wear and tear take its toll.

Here are some common problems your repair technician should look for:

Operator Error Damage

Problems with wheelchair lifts and ramps are often caused by operator error. Bent mechanisms due to misuse, inattention or hurry are common and must be replaced. Certain wheelchairs are prone to smash sensor magnets for some lifts, requiring frequent replacement.

An experienced mechanic can correct this with a small custom weld of a washer to keep the sensor from getting mashed.

Hand and foot controls for drivers are also frequently mishandled by those unfamiliar with their operation. A regular check helps prevent unexpected loss of control.

For some operators, training in the correct procedures of operation as well as reinforcing repairs to the equipment is needed.

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Accident Damaged Parts

Not many operators are going to confess that a parking bollard or curb got the best of them. Unfortunately, it happens, and an external ramp, lift, sensor or control bears the brunt of it.

Bumps and scratches are not only unsightly; they could cause more serious electrical or mechanical failure.

Ground Connections and Electrical

When your mobility equipment is installed it must be grounded to the vehicle. Sometimes an inexperienced technician fails to establish a strong and safe connection to the frame.

During regular maintenance, your mechanic should check that your electrical connections and grounds are clean and secure.

Lift springs and Hydraulics

The springs installed in the arms of lifts should last through many cycles of use, breaking only if not cared for. Springs will eventually rust and need replacement, but extending the life of spring is a matter of frequent lubrication every 750 or so cycles (much like the oil change for your vehicle.)

Your hydraulics need the correct fluid to operate. Adding the wrong kind of fluid (like automatic transmission fluid or antifreeze) will permanently damage your system. Your mechanic should know the difference between the different fluids and their uses.

Ordinary Wear and Tear

Ground level mechanisms such as a kneel actuator or platform latching locks are subject to corrosion due to damp, road salt and debris. Fuses and switch covers often need replacement after a few years, plastic wire harnesses become brittle.

Your repair technician should keep these small repairs in mind to prevent surprise breakdowns.

Find Your Handicap Van Repair Center

The bottom line is that a properly maintained and repaired handicap van gives you years of reliable service. Repair and maintenance is a very small portion of the overall cost of your vehicle but can cost plenty in time and stress if ignored.

We are an Authorized Dealership and have a team of certified technical experts to help you review your needs and develop a vehicle maintenance and handicap van repair schedule that works for you. If you have any questions or are having an issue with your mobility equipment, please call or contact us.

I been working with SHARON and JEFF for almost 20 years. They are the best at listening and addressing any concerns I might have. I heartily recommend ADVANTAGE MOBILITY OUTFITTERS!!

— Randy Hatmaker

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