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Do You Have the Proper Handicapped License Plate?

According to a Department of Motor Vehicles article, the Secretary of State has been giving people with disabilities handicap plates and placards since 1949. The handicap plates and the placards allow people to park in places that are marked for the handicap.

A placard is hung from your rear view mirror. It can be permanent or temporary. When they give it to you they will write the month, date, and year that it will expire. There are two types of placards. One of them is blue and the other is red. The blue placard is only good for a maximum of four years and expires on the person’s birthday. This style placard is used for those condition is expected to improve over a moderate length of time.

The red placard is for temporary use. It’s used for those situations where the person’s condition is expected to improve quickly. The red placard is good for a maximum of six months. In order to get a placard you’ll need to submit an application at the Secretary of State. For a red placard it’s free but every time you have to renew it you’ll have to submit a new application.

A handicap license plate is a permanent option. They are mounted on the person’s vehicle. It will have the handicap symbol placed on it. Similar to blue placards, they will expire on the person’s birthday. The license plate can also be used for any company that has a wheelchair accessible vehicle and needs to transport clients with disabilities.

You can get a disability plate if you:

  • are legally blind
  • use a wheelchair, walker, crutch, or have a brace
  • have a lung disease
  • have severe arthritis
  • need portable oxygen
  • cannot walk more than 200 feet without stopping or resting

As the DMV states, Michigan honors current disability plates from other states.

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