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Casual Dining
Livonia offers plenty of choices when it comes to dining out. From cafes to bars and restaurants you’ll never run out of options when you’re ready for a bite to eat. Sine Livonia is best known for casual dining, we’ve listed some of our favorite local establishments in the list below.

Bates Hamburgers
33406 5 Mile Road

If you are looking for home cooking in a vintage diner then Bates Hamburgers is the place for you. Referred to as “Bates on the Boulevard” by the locals, Bates is family owned and operated, offering local culture and great service. This is a true Livonia landmark. It’s a simple menu with soups, burgers, fries and old-fashioned shakes that need a spoon. There’s even a drive through window. Word of caution: Bates does not take credit cards so be sure to have cash on hand, although $10 will easily get you all of the fixings for two.

Thomas’s Family Dining
33971 Plymouth Road
(734) 261-8890

Thomas’s serves high quality homemade food at reasonable prices. They have a passion for quality and for community. Their food is authentic Polish cuisine coupled with seasonal specials. The menu is large and features Polish specialties like pierogis, kielbasa and stuffed cabbage. Never fear however because the menu also boasts staples salads, mac and cheese and broasted chicken in addition to Italian favorites like chicken or veal parmesan and spaghetti. There are also sandwiches, burgers and a full breakfast menu. There’s something for everyone at Thomas’s Family Dining. Wheelchair accessible.

Lefty’s Cheesesteak Hoagies
29407 Six Mile Road
(734) 522-0555

Lefty’s is a simple eatery that packs a big punch and cheesesteak is their specialty. Considered a staple in the metro Detroit area, the sandwiches are made to order and the staff is both friendly and efficient. There are also burgers, Coney dogs and corned beef on their menu but you can’t leave lefty’s without a cheesesteak. From what we hear they even rival Philly for best cheesesteak on the planet.