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Challenging Work Environment Continues for Those With Disabilities

During these tough economic times many people have had difficulties securing a job and now it’s even harder for a disabled person to find one. In April of 1945 Remploy was created under the 1944 Disabled Persons Employment Act. The name Remploy was created by “re employ.” It’s an organization in the United Kingdom for employment services for people with disabilities. The United Kingdom is the largest leader of Remploy. The first Remploy factory produced furniture and violins in 1946. After remaining open for 67 years, the British government decided to close everything down.

The management of Remploy is under pressure to save disabled workers’ jobs before the last Remploy factories close. It was estimated that more disabled people could be employed if the jobs were re-located. There has been about 80-100 workers that have been re-employed into a small business after losing their Remploy factory job.

All together there were 56 Remploy factories and in 2012 36 of them were closed down. With the 18 factories that remain, three of them have been sold. About 390 jobs are expected to be saved or created out of the 1,200 jobs that remained in December. With the government closing down these jobs, there’s going more and a lot of people out there looking for a way they can get money, not only for them but for their family too.

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