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Bruno Wheelchair Lift for Independent Living

Even if your wheelchair is as light as a sheet of paper, you still need a wheelchair lift to get you into that car.

Life as a person with limited mobility isn’t easy. And, when the equipment we use is inconsistently there for us, life can be impossible.

This is why you need a dependable lift. Bruno lifts are exactly that: Dependable.

And when you are alone and in need of a lift, our Bruno lifts will be there for you.

And, if you are a company that serves those with limited mobility, you might be looking to upgrade your fleet. Do your employees constantly complain about having to manually work your ancient lifts?

Maybe it really is time to purchase new lifts.

Lend me your ears, all ye who thirst for mobility solutions. Advantage Mobility installs only the top of the line lifts in wheelchair accessible vans. They are up to code both locally and nationally.

When it comes to lifts, we have a broad selection of Bruno products we can install.

Bruno wheelchair lift for independent living

Bruno AWL-150 And ASL-400 Scooter And Wheelchair Lifts

If you are looking for a lift for you manual folding wheelchair or scooter, look no further.

These low profile lifts will fold back up into your vehicle after use. The AWL-150 can lift up to 150 lbs and the ASL-400 can lift up to 200 lbs.

These lifts use a strap to connect the chair or scooter onto the lift. And when you want to lift your device into the vehicle, just tap a button. The lift does all the work for you.

The Bruno Back Saver (AWL 1600)

All caretakers should know proper lifting posture. But, when it comes to lifting wheelchairs and scooters, there is no reason why we can’t avoid back injury altogether.

The Bruno Back Saver is designed to help you attach a wheelchair to the back of your vehicle. This wheelchair lift will fit any Class I ball mount hitch or any Class II/III with an adapter.

With a self-locking arm made to hold tight to your chair, this lift will keep your chair safe during all kinds of transport.

And talking about transport, you need something durable for the road. This lift features a tubular frame giving you the durability you need for the long haul.

The Bruno Big Lifter (VSL-570)

If you are looking to step up your lift game, check out the Bruno Big Lifter. This can lift up to 400 lbs, which means your power chair will always have a ride to your Power Chair Race.

This wheelchair lift is easy to use.

Just attach the dock and push a button on the hand-held wired remote. You do have to manually rotate this lift once it is at height, but the ball bearings in its operator arm will make this a breeze.

The Bruno Curb-Sider

If you’re looking for another wheelchair and scooter lift, here is your solution.

The Bruno Curb-Sider will sling your wheelchair or scooter into the backend of your wheelchair accessible van. This lift is rated up to 400 lbs and will lift whatever you need.

If you need handicapped equipment for vehicles installed, repaired, or replaced… visit Advantage Mobility Outfitters in Wayne, Michigan. We service all Bruno scooter & power chair lifts, vertical platform lifts, and Valet Signature seating.