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Braun’s New In-Floor Wheelchair Conversion

Are you interested in a new BraunAbility Conversion?

In 2012, BraunAbility designed a wheelchair conversion called the In- Floor Wheelchair Ramp. They first developed it exclusively for the Toyota Ramp Van. In 2014, Braun expanded this great wheelchair conversion to other vehicle manufacturers and the In-Floor conversion is now available for Dodge/Chrysler! It’s the latest wheelchair conversion that fits more wheelchair and scooter sizes than any other ramp option. This ramp is very convenient for most people.

The In-Floor ramp is actually built into the vehicle, right in the floor. As BraunAbility states, there are pros and cons about the ramp itself. It all depends on your standards and your individual wants and needs.


  • Your passengers can get in & out of the vehicle without deploying the ramp
  • Doesn’t interfere with the front passenger seat as it reclines
  • You cant tell that there is a ramp in the vehicle
  • Gives you much more interior space
  • Convenient
  • Ramp holds up to 800 lbs
  • Lightweight
  • Made for any wheelchair or scooter
  • Ultra smooth transition
  • 32” wide floor
  • Visibility in low light conditions


  • Angle is slightly higher than any other lift
  • Deploying ramp on a curb could be a problem
  • Collects more debris

The In-Floor ramp wheelchair conversion is the most popular ramp today. It’s not much different from any other ramps. The only difference is that it’s inside the vehicle and doesn’t take up any interior space. There are a lot more pros about the In-Floor design than cons. People find it easier to get around and enjoy going places when they have company. When making the In-Floor ramp, BraunAbility made it so it’s the most safe & reliable ramp on the market. Dependability and providing customers with a product they can trust and enjoy is at the heart of Braun’s new In-Floor wheelchair conversion.

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