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2012 Braun CSI Award!

Recently BraunAbility congratulated Advantage Mobility with the Braun CSI Award. They base this award on a Braun survey that got positive feed back, and whoever gets the highest rankings wins this award. For 2012 we had the top rankings for quarter 2 and quarter 3. Our feed back from the surveys were 100% positive. All of this is based on good customer service. Not every business can get an award like this! We asked William Sloan two questions to see what he had to say about AMO being a winner.

Q: What does this award mean to you?

A: This award is awesome! It’s tangible proof that our hard work is paying off and that AMO employees are listening to our customers and doing the best they can to meet their needs.

Q: How do you think winning this award will affect our company in the future?

A: I think winning this award will continue to have a positive affect on Advantage in the coming future. Truthfully, winning this has made me hungry to continue achieving this level of customer satisfaction. Now everyone at AMO fully understands the level of quality, communication, and listening that’s required. This award has taught us what is necessary and how we must conduct ourselves in the future.

We will continue to keep up the good work, continue to make our customers happy, and do the best we can in what we do. Our customers are the most important part of our business so we thank them for their continued support since 1979!

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