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20 Years of Making a Difference

January 30, 2013 is a big day for Arnie Labean. He has been working with AMO for 20 years! Whoever thought that somebody could or even would stick with a job for so long and like it? Mr. Labean is a very hard worker. He’s very nice, stays on top of his work, and tries to give people the service they need even if there’s a lot to do already. Arnie always has a positive attitude and shows dedication. Even on his worst days he shows how much he likes his job. In light of this milestone, we’ve decided to ask Arnie three questions about working here.

AMO: How does it feel working here for 20 years?

Arnie: It feels awesome! Before I started here the longest job I had was four years. It’s a lot of years at one place.

AMO: What do you like best about your job and why?

Arnie: I make a difference in peoples lives. I’m able to provide mobility independence for our customers.

AMO: What was it about this job that caught your attention?

Arnie: I was looking through some ads and came across an ad for here. It said that I had to have my own tools and some experience. I had no idea what this place was about. When I called the number the ad gave me, the company told me to come in the same day for an interview. A week later they called back and said I got the job.

We asked Arnie these questions to learn more about why he stuck with Advantage Mobility for so long. We’re all very happy he’s worked here for as long as he has because he’s a great employee, co-worker, and a welcome face to our customers!

Congratulations Arnie Labean! Thank you for 20 years of dedication.

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